Adventure Smart: Hug A Tree and Surive. A big win!


Carleton AdventureSmart team held multiple "Hug a Tree and Survive" presentations Oct 13 and 16, 2017. Offered both in English and in French, of which 100 students received the necessary training, aquiring necessary basic skills in the event that they become lost or seperated. The presentations were offered at the Florenceville-Bristol and Townsview School.


 Interested in bringing Hug a tree to your school, group or organization?  Let us know!


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New Training Location

Thursday Night training has been moved to a more permanent  spot at the address and instructions below.



  370 Connell St, Woodstock, NB E7M 5G9


Enter the front door, Turn Right , Go up stairs and the community room is on the right.


Thank Sobeys!




Search & Event Updates

Caraquet Ice Storm

Extensive damage to the costal regions of New burnswick, have required many organizations to assist in returning services back to the communities. Including many volunteers from neighboring SAR units across New Brunswick, who worked hand in hand along side canadian armed forces, local police, and fire dept members.  This truely was a call for help. For which many caring individuals step up to the call.


A huge thanks to all involved!

ST. George Hiker Located Safely

Positive results, thanks to countless numbers of individuals. Those including multiple search and rescue groups, local fire dept members, local community members, RCMP and countless other people.  The overwhelming support has brought a life back home safely.


Full CBC Report

volunteer with CGSR

Looking for a way to help in time of need?

Want to make a difference in the lives of others?

Looking to learn new skills?


Volunteer with CGSR, We are currently looking for new volunteers to assist in our efforts. We will provide the training, all we ask is that you come ready to learn, participate and be ready to make a difference when your asked to help save a life.


Ready to save a life?


Get your boots, your coming with us!