New Training Location

Thursday Night training has been moved to a more permanent  spot at the address and instructions below.



  370 Connell St, Woodstock, NB E7M 5G9


Enter the front door, Turn Right , Go up stairs and the community room is on the right.


Thank Sobeys!






Our team is looking for new members to further build our team.


 If you have a desire to help others and want to step up to a challenge then search and rescue may be for you.


You dont have to be hero, to make a difference that could save a life, you just have to be willing to step up and take on the challenge head on!


  You coming? I thought so!


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Missing Man




A missing Tobique First Nation man was found Saturday morning and has been taken to hospital.

Andrew Nicholas, 82, was reported missing after he didn't return home on Thursday after leaving to attend a wake in Knowlesville, N.B., which is about 65 kilometres away.

Cpl. Jayson Hansen of the RCMP said Nicholas was found alive on a road in the Knowlesville area that isn't maintained.

Barry Nicholas said his brother was found in Glassville and taken to the hospital in Waterville. Glassville is about 10 kilometres from Knowlesville.

Earlier Saturday, 16 people in eight vehicles were searching the side roads between the Tobique First Nation and Knowlesville trying to spot the vehicle Nicholas was driving, said Tobique First Nation fire Chief Jason Moulton.

Acadian Penisula pounded by ice storm.


Upon arriving to caraquet to help with the ice storm it became aparent that the towns themselves were indeed battered by the ice storm however they were not beaten.  Town members pulling together to help one another and pooling resources,  those with heat were sheltering others in place, those with the ability to cook, served meals.  To see how people pull together in times of great need is nothing short of amazing.




Missing Person Report


 14-year-old Eric Paul missing since monday morning... Read More.


Search & Event Updates

Caraquet Ice Storm

Extensive damage to the costal regions of New burnswick, have required many organizations to assist in returning services back to the communities. Including many volunteers from neighboring SAR units across New Brunswick, who worked hand in hand along side canadian armed forces, local police, and fire dept members.  This truely was a call for help. For which many caring individuals step up to the call.


A huge thanks to all involved!

Training Page Added

In an effort to create a training resource for all members, we have put together a site for all training to be recorded and provided freely. 


Click on the "Training button" at the top of the page.

volunteer with CGSR

Looking for a way to help in time of need?

Want to make a difference in the lives of others?

Looking to learn new skills?


Volunteer with CGSR, We are currently looking for new volunteers to assist in our efforts. We will provide the training, all we ask is that you come ready to learn, participate and be ready to make a difference when your asked to help save a life.


Ready to save a life?


Get your boots, your coming with us,