Join Carleton Ground Search and Rescue


    As a member of the CGSR team, I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by our page and considering joining our team. I can tell you over the last couple years, my experience has been largely positive. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with men and woman who i truely consider to be hero's in their communities. These people have made a life changing decision that they want to be called in an emergency to make that difference, to help those in dire need and to put boots on the ground. I wont say that everything is easy, what i will say is that as a member of the S.A.R community, i relish the chance to be counted among the many.


   What qualities should a searcher have?


Desire to learn, and to never stop improving!

Team Orientation

Great communication



 The most important quality in a searcher is drive. If these attributes define you as a person, then come be a part of our team.



CGSAR Application
Adobe Acrobat document [36.2 KB]


Download the CGSAR application above, Print out the application form and fill it out completely. Please email the application to